11 Best Dog Food For Labs in 2019 (Reviewed & Rated)

best dog food for labradors

If you own a Lab, then you might be wondering about the best dog food for Labs. However, if you google it, you won’t find a product to suit the needs of every Labrador.

Every dog is different. However, your dog’s food should at least fulfill their basic nutritional needs, and ideally, give them the vitamins and minerals to support their active lifestyle, daily activities, and overall well-being.

Which product has the highest quality? Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go over every existing brand. However, we’ve selected excellent options that will cover the majority of your Lab’s needs.

Product Details
Our #1 Rated

Wellness Core

Best Overall for Labs

Best Overall for Labs
This supplement includes bioperine, which has been shown to improve the bioavailability other ingredients.
Our #1 Rated

Wellness Core

Best Overall for Labs

This supplement includes bioperine, which has been shown to improve the bioavailability other ingredients.


1. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Chicken – Best dog food for labs overall

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Large...
  • Grain Free: Grain Free, Complete And Balanced Everyday Nutrition For Your Large Breed Dog
  • Large Breed Formula: Protein Focused, Naturally Grain Free, Using Higher Levels Of Premium...
  • All Natural: Contains Only Premium, All Natural Ingredients With No Wheat, Corn, Soy, Meat By...


  • No by-products
  • Contains antioxidants, probiotics, and omega fatty acids to support the immune system and overall well-being
  • Balanced fat and calories to maintain a healthy weight
  • Contains glucosamine for joint health

First Five Ingredients:

  • Deboned Chicken
  • Chicken Meal
  • Turkey Meal
  • Potatoes
  • Peas

Wellness CORE Chicken & Turkey Dry Dog Food is a high-quality product that is manufactured in the USA and contains only the best ingredients. The components help to support the overall well-being of your lab, control their weight, and maintain an active lifestyle.

Now, let’s take a look at the top five ingredients.

This product contains lots of protein in the form of deboned chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal. Protein is vital for dogs’ development as it supports muscle growth. What’s more, it provides enough energy for your Lab to stay active throughout the day. This protein is also easily digestible and is an excellent option for dogs that are allergic to beef.

The next component of Wellness CORE dry food is potatoes. Some people think that dog owners shouldn’t give their pets any foods that contain potatoes, but it’s a misconception. On the contrary, when given in moderation, potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins B6 and C, iron, and magnesium. These are responsible for reducing inflammation, supporting the immune system, and helping with red blood cell production.

Lastly, this dry dog food has peas, a source of plant-based protein. Plus, they are a good source of vitamins and minerals such as A, K, B, iron, and zinc, which are responsible for maintaining healthy vision, skin, heart, and coat.

Therefore, this product is nutritionally balanced and fits the needs of any adult Labrador, which is why we have given it the title of the best dog food for labs.

If you’ve been wanting a new food for your pup, then you should definitely check out the Wellness CORE.

One of their Chewy customers, Mary, said that they were looking for the right product for their dog, who was refusing food. With Wellness, CORE, Mary’s pet is thrilled when it’s time to eat, so they highly recommend it!

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2. Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Real Lamb Recipe...
  • High Quality Protein Made With Real Pasture Raised Lamb; For A Growing Large Breed Puppy With...
  • Premium Ingredients With Added Vitamins & Minerals; Superfoods For Antioxidants; Fatty Acids For...
  • A smaller kibble, nutrient rich & HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE with PROPRIETARY PROBIOTICS at guaranteed...


  • A perfect option for Labrador puppies
  • Nutritiously balanced to satisfy all the needs of a growing pup
  • Highly digestible due to probiotics
  • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or fillers

First Five Ingredients:

  • Lamb
  • Lamb Meal
  • Whole Grain Brown Rice
  • Cracked Pearled Barley
  • Ground White Rice

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food is an excellent formula for Labrador puppies. It contains all the nutrients that are essential for the healthy development of your pup. As the owner of a puppy, you want to provide it with the best possible food, so let’s take a look at the ingredient list to make sure that it suits your pet’s needs.

The primary sources of protein in this formula are lamb and lamb meal. The protein in lamb is crucial for building, healing, and maintaining body tissues, and it helps to protect the immune system. Protein is also essential for muscle growth and skin and coat health.

Next on the list is whole grain brown rice. It contains high amounts of fiber, which aids and improves digestion. Brown rice is also an excellent source of vitamins D and B, which help your pup’s body balance minerals and improve bone and joint health. Plus, they aid immune system maintenance.

The fourth ingredient is cracked pearled barley. A lot of pet owners worry whether barley is beneficial for their puppies or not. However, there is nothing to be anxious about. It is high in fiber, which improves the functionality of the GI tract, low in cholesterol, and it helps to maintain a healthy weight.

And finally, the fifth component is ground white rice. This contains lots of healthy carbohydrates, which is a leading energy source for your puppy. It helps to maintain an active lifestyle and support the body systems, including the brain, heart, and so on. White rice is also a source of vitamin D.

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food is one of the best options for Labrador puppies as it has enough nutrients to promote healthy growth.

Carol, a buyer on Chewy, said that they recently purchased this formula for their puppies, and everyone is happy with the results. The pups are loving it, and the owner is glad to see them enjoying their food. Which is why we have included it in our best dog food for labs list.

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3. Merrick Grain-Free Senior Dog Food

Merrick Grain Free Senior Dog Food
  • #1 INGREDIENT: DEBONED MEAT, FISH OR POULTRY: This Merrick Grain Free senior dog food recipe...
  • HEALTHY SKIN AND COAT, HIPS AND JOINTS: This grain free senior dog food recipe contains leading...
  • REAL WHOLE FOODS FOR OPTIMAL NATURAL NUTRITION: The Merrick Grain Free senior dog food recipe...


  • Natural, nutritious, and well-balanced formula made with real meat, fruits, and veggies
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Helps to maintain a normal weight

First Five Ingredients:

  • Deboned Chicken
  • Chicken Meal
  • Peas
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Potatoes

The Merrick grain-free formula is an excellent option for senior pups. Because every senior Labrador needs proper nutrition to support their health, this product provides minerals and vitamins for bone and joint well-being.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients to understand whether or not it is a suitable option for your Lab.

The primary source of protein in this product is chicken. It contains both deboned chicken and chicken meal to promote the muscle health and high energy levels of your dog. Plus, it is easily digestible, so your pup won’t have any trouble breaking down the components and absorbing the minerals.

The third ingredient is peas, which is a plant-based protein. Not only does it complement animal-based protein, but it also contains essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, and K, and iron, zinc, and magnesium. These promote heart, eye, and skin health and improve the immune system.

Fourth on the list is sweet potatoes. These are an excellent source of fiber, which aids digestion. Plus, sweet potatoes contain vitamins like A, B6, and C. These vitamins protect the immune system from outside diseases and tonify blood. Also, sweet potatoes contain beta-ceratin that reduces the risks of getting certain types of cancer and protects from heart diseases. And lastly, they taste delicious, so your pup will fall in love with the formula!

The last ingredient is potatoes. This is one of the primary sources of energy as it contains lots of carbohydrates. What’s better, it contains essential vitamins and minerals that promote immunity, heart health, and protects against some types of cancer.

Therefore, if your senior Labrador needs a new formula that will be incredibly delicious and suit its needs, you’ll want to give Merrick Grain-Free Senior Dog Food a chance.

A Chewy customer, SuperMomMentor, said that their pet has a sensitive tummy. Merrick is one of a few brands that their dog can digest. Plus, the dog absolutely loves the taste, and there were no adjustment issues while making the switch to Merrick Grain-Free Senior Dog Food.

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4. Brothers Complete Turkey Meal & Egg Advanced Formula

Brothers Complete Turkey Meal And Egg Advanced Allergy...
  • Grain & Potato Free Advanced Allergy Formula
  • Gmo Free, Human Grade Proteins
  • Over 90% Animal Proteins


  • Added probiotics improve digestion and gut health
  • Contains turkey as the primary protein source
  • Contains eggs to provide enzymes that the body cannot produce

First Five Ingredients:

  • Turkey Meal
  • Whole Dried Eggs
  • Pea Starch
  • Cassava/Tapioca
  • Peas

The Brothers Complete Advanced Formula is carefully designed for dogs that are sensitive to typical dog food ingredients. If your Labrador is allergic to beef or chicken, then you should give this product a chance. However, don’t forget to consult with your veterinarian to make sure your lab will react safely.

The first ingredient is turkey meal, which is an alternative source of protein. The protein in turkey meal is responsible for maintaining healthy muscles and joints. Plus, it improves metabolism and therefore is a fount of energy for an active lifestyle.

The second one on the list is whole dried eggs. These contain easily digestible protein, riboflavin, and selenium. Not only are they tasty, but they support GI tract health, improve skin and coat quality, and make bones and joints stronger.

The third and fifth ingredients are peas and pea starch. These are natural, plant-based sources of protein that help with the digestion of animal-based proteins. They contain vital minerals and vitamins to support eye, heart, and skin health.

And lastly, cassava flour makes the list. It is a highly digestible carbohydrate, which means it provides enough energy to maintain an active lifestyle. Plus, it is delicious, so your Labrador will love this formula.

This recipe has an excellent range of ingredients that support the overall well-being of your dog, even if it is sensitive to certain types of food.

Satisfied customer Rinman said that their dog has severe allergies. They tried several different formulas, but none of them seemed to work. However, when they switched to this brand, the problems disappeared in less than a month. They are fascinated with the results, and so is the dog. Their pet is entirely in love with the product! Which is one of the reasons why we included it in our best dog food for labs list.

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5. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat...
  • A taste of the wild with SMOKED SALMON; REAL SALMON is the #1 ingredient; optimal amino acid...
  • Premium ingredients with added vitamins & minerals; fruits and vegetables as SUPERFOODS for...
  • Ingredients From Trusted, Sustainable Sources Around The World; Made With No Grain, Corn, Wheat,...


  • Contains both animal and plant-based proteins
  • Vitamins and minerals from real fruits and veggies help to maintain overall well-being
  • Does not have any artificial colors, flavors, fillers, preservatives, grains, or corn
  • Added probiotics improve the health of the GI tract

First Five Ingredients:

  • Buffalo
  • Lamb Meal
  • Chicken Meal
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Peas

Taste of the Wild is designed for active Labradors that need well-balanced nutrition to maintain an active lifestyle. It only contains high-quality ingredients that ensure the maximum absorption of essential minerals and vitamins.

Now, let’s take a look at the first five ingredients to ensure that the formula is actually beneficial for your Lab’s health.

The top component of the Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food is buffalo meat. This is considered to be one of the highest protein sources. Plus, this meat is rich in B vitamins, which provide useful energy and ensure the brain’s health. And finally, it fights inflammation and reduces stress levels due to the high selenium content.

Next is lamb meal, which is another excellent source of protein. Not only that, it has lots of iron, omega-three fatty acids, and B vitamins. These help the adult Labrador’s nervous system and immune system and make the skin and coat smoother and shinier.

The third source of protein on the list is chicken meal. This is also an excellent source of glucosamine, which promotes bone health.

The next ingredient is sweet potatoes, which contain lots of fiber and are easily digestible by any pup. Sweet potatoes contain many essential vitamins, including A, C, and B6. These help to strengthen the immune system and make your dog less vulnerable to diseases.

And lastly, this formula contains peas. Peas are a source of plant-based protein, which improves the digestion of animal-based protein. Plus, they contain minerals and vitamins that help to improve vision and heart and skin health.

Taste of the Wild is not only nutritiously rich and balanced but also quite delicious. If you are looking for a new, tasty formula for your Labrador, then you should give this one a try.

One of their Chewy customers, FurMamaOfMany, said that their pets loved it. Their dogs stopped snacking throughout the day and waited for their Taste of the Wild meal. And, as the owner states, the food smelled delicious.

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6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken & Grain-Free Dog Dry Food

3 Bags - Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Grain Free Dog...
  • You get THREE 3.25 oz bags. Ingredients: Chicken, Dried Cane Molasses, Salt
  • High quality, grain-free holistic treat
  • Contains no by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives


  • Contains essential minerals and vitamins to support your dog’s overall well-being
  • Has many fruits and veggies, which are sources of complex carbohydrates
  • Well-balanced nutrition provides enough energy for an active lifestyle
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

First Five Ingredients:

  • Deboned Chicken
  • Chicken Meal
  • Peas
  • Pea Protein
  • Tapioca Starch

Blue Buffalo is known for producing high-quality foods for dogs of different breeds and sizes. This formula is no exception. It supports the health and overall well-being of large adult dogs, including Labradors. So, let’s take a look at the ingredient list to see if it is worth trying.

The first two ingredients are chicken and chicken meal. These are excellent protein sources that not only support muscle growth and development but also help to maintain high energy levels. Plus, chicken contains minerals that promote bone and joint health.

Next on the list are peas and pea protein. They contain plant-based protein, which improves the digestion of animal products. Plus, it provides vitamins A, B, C, and K. These vitamins protect the immune system from outside factors, support the better vision, and improve coat quality.

The last component is tapioca starch. It is considered to be one of the best sources of carbohydrates, which promotes the active lifestyle of your pup. It also has a sweet taste, which makes the food more delicious. Your Lab will love it!

If you want to try something new, then this product could be right for you. The nutritiously balanced formula will provide a fantastic taste and support all the needs of your pup.

Frank, a Chewy customer, said that their dog loves this formula. Before trying Blue Buffalo Dry Food, Frank’s pet preferred wet foods. However, after making the switch, the dog didn’t want anything else.  Frank’s dog is pleased, and so is he.

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7. Eukanuba Breed Labrador Adult Dry Food

Eukanuba Breed Specific Labrador Retriever Dry Dog...
  • Contains One (1) 30-Lb. Bag Of Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Labrador Retriever Dog Food (Packaging...
  • Eukanuba Labrador Retriever Dog Food Features 3D Dentadefense System, Which Is Proven To Reduce...
  • Our Nutritional Dog Food Is Made With High-Quality, Animal-Based Proteins To Help Your Lab Build...


  • Reduces tartar build-up
  • Specifically designed for Labradors
  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • Improve heart health

First Five Ingredients:

  • Chicken
  • Cornmeal
  • Ground Whole Grain Sorghum
  • Ground Whole Grain Barley
  • Chicken By-product Meal

Eukanuba dry dog food has been carefully designed to meet all the needs of your Labrador. It provides essential vitamins and minerals that help to maintain an active lifestyle and promote good health.

Now, is this product that good? Let’s find out by looking at the top five ingredients.

The primary protein sources are chicken and chicken by-product meal. They support muscle growth and development, help to maintain high energy levels, and promote bone and joint health.

The next ingredient on the list is cornmeal. Many dog owners believe that it is just a filler. However, cornmeal is highly nutritious, as it is a source of plant-based protein, complex carbohydrates, omega-six fatty acids, and antioxidants. It promotes high energy levels, supports the immune system, and makes the coat smoother and shinier.

The third component is ground whole grain sorghum. First of all, this grain is gluten-free and high in antioxidants, which means that it protects the immune system. It also contains essential vitamins like B1 and B2 and minerals like iron, zinc, and sodium. All of these improve heart, eye, and skin health, and boost smoother blood sugar behavior.

Next comes the ground whole grain barley. Even though some owners worry that barley is not suitable for their Lab’s health, this is false. This grain is high in fiber, which aids and improves the digestion. Plus, it is an excellent source of complex carbs that give your pup energy to be active throughout the day.

Overall, the formula contains nutritious ingredients that meet the needs of an adult Labrador. If you think this recipe will work for you, you should definitely give it a try.

Chewy customer Normajean says that their Labrador enjoys this food a lot. They switched to the Eukanuba brand a while ago, and their pet has been in love with it ever since. Normajean also appreciates that this formula contains grains that are essential for dog health.

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8. Royal Canin Labrador Retriever – Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult Breed Specific Dry...
  • Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult dry dog food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of...
  • Exclusive donut-shaped kibble designed specifically to help large breed Labrador Retrievers chew and...
  • Helps maintain ideal weight with precise calorie and fat content tailored for the Labrador Retriever...


  • Supports a healthy diet and helps to maintain a normal weight
  • Enriched with DHA and EPA to improve joint health and vision
  • Omega fatty acids keep your pet’s fur and skin in perfect condition
  • Aids and eases digestion

First Five Ingredients:

  • Chicken By-product Meal
  • Brown Rice
  • Oat Groats
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Brewers Rice

The Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food is designed for adult Labs. The manufacturers kept in mind the specific requirements of your pup to make sure it gets every nutrient it needs. Now, to make sure this is actually true, let’s take a look at the ingredient list.

The top component is chicken by-product meal, which is basically chicken without any water in it. Therefore, it is dense in nutrients. It contains enough animal-based protein to support the muscle health of your dog. High protein levels promote better metabolism to help your lab maintain an active lifestyle. Chicken by-product meal also has lots of glucosamine, which improves joint and bone health.

The second ingredient on the list is the brown rice. This is an excellent grain that is high in fiber. Therefore, it aids and eases digestion. Brown rice also contains minerals and vitamins to ensure the immune system of your pup is always ready to protect it from diseases.

Oat groats are a harvested, or “as-is” product. This is the primary reason that they are more nutritious than oatmeal. They are digested slowly, so your dog will stay full for longer.

The fourth component of the Royal Canin is corn gluten meal. Though some believe that corn is a poor source of nutrients, this is a common misconception. Corn is an excellent source of plant-based protein, which adds to animal-based protein and improves its digestion. Plus, corn contains omega-six fatty acids essential for coat and skin health.

Lastly, this product contains brewers rice. Just like brown rice, it is high in fiber, so digestion will go smoothly. Even better, it aids the stomach and improves the balance of GI tract bacteria, making the immune system of your pup even stronger.

Chewy customer kree said that their Labrador started eating slower when they got this product. Even so, the dog enjoys the food and is always happy whenever it is feeding time.

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Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Dog Food for Labs

Best dog food for labs

Whenever you are choosing food for your Lab, consult with a vet first. They will tell you whether or not your pup is sensitive to particular ingredients, give their opinion, and narrow down the options.  The health of your lab is in your hands, so be cautious of your choices. Now let’s take a look at how to choose the best food for labs.

Nutritional Requirements needed in the best dog food for labs

There are two primary things that you should pay attention to when it comes to choosing the best formula in the best dog food for labs:

  1. The promotion of your dog’s overall well-being
  2. Prevention of common health issues among Labradors

The following nutrients are essential for any Labrador.


Protein is vital for every living organism, including dogs. It helps in healthy muscle development and growth. As you probably know, Labradors are a breed that needs to be in good physical shape to have an active life. Undoubtedly, their muscles are not as strong as boxers’. However, they still need to be physically developed in order to swim, run, or hunt. Therefore, they need lots of protein coming their way on a daily basis.


Many Labs have joint-related problems, including hip dysplasia and luxation of the patella. That’s why it is crucial to find a formula that contains glucosamine, as it promotes joint and bone health. This chemical increases the production of cells responsible for making up the cartilage at the end of the bones. Chicken and shellfish both contain glucosamine. Plus, some formulas are enriched with this amino sugar. So, pay attention to labels to make sure your dog’s food contains glucosamine.

Phosphorus and Calcium

These minerals are essential for maintaining bone health. They make sure your lab stays happy and active every day.


A little disclaimer: Probiotics are neither minerals or vitamins. They are live bacteria that inhabit the GI tract and promote better digestion. Many people don’t know, but 70% of your dog’s immune system is located in the stomach. That’s why you need to help your dog maintain bacterial balance. To do so, look for products that have probiotics in the recipe.

Taurine and DHA

Labradors are prone to vision problems such as retinal dysplasia or cataracts. However, you can better your dog’s eye health by choosing a formula high in DHA and taurine. These minerals help develop a better vision in puppies and promote eye health in adults. If the product you choose does not contain them, add a supplement.

All of these are essential requirements that we checked to find the best dog food for labradors.

In Conclusion of the best dog food for labs

There are so many options for dog food on the market! It can be tough to choose the right one for your Labrador. Still, it’s easier if you pay attention to a few things.

The first thing you need to do is consult your vet about your dog’s health. Then, depending on their recommendation, you can choose the option that best suits the needs of your pet.

Regardless of what food you choose, make sure it has the nutrients that need to be present in every Lab’s diet. This is why you need to go over the ingredient list, and based on the info, pick the most nutritious recipe.

I hope you found this best food for labs article informative and useful.